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Recapping a wild weekend in Madison and previewing an even more exciting Gold Cup By: Geoffry Grembowski Published 7/7/11 Last weekend in Madison, Indiana, the 61st Lucas Oil Indiana Governors Cup was run for the first race of the 2011 Air National Guard H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Series. The sporting life in Seattle was created with the … Read more

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Symphonies Declaring Bankruptcy Nationwide

Symphonies Declaring Bankruptcy Nationwide By: Andy Abel Published: June 1, 2011 There are currently over 300 professional orchestras in theUnited States, but sadly that number is slowly dwindling. With the recent economic situation and a declining interest in classical, symphonic music more and more professional orchestras are declaring bankruptcy. Most recently it was the Philadelphia … Read more

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What Do Kids at IHS Want to Be When They Grow Up?

What Do Kids at IHS Want to Be When They Grow Up? By Vikram Kumar Published: May 31, 2011 We live in a generation where our futures are uncertain. Jobs are getting outsourced and labor is being replaced by machines. You can no longer drop out of high school and work at the local steel … Read more

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Seattle should rally around our northern neighbors

Seattle should rally around our northern neighbors By: Geoffry Grembowski Published: May 29, 2011 Some would say that these are trying times for Seattle sports. The first decade of the 21st century ended with a few early playoff appearances from Seattle teams. The last time a team seriously challenged for a title was February 2006 with … Read more


PROM; An Expose on one of the Biggest Events of Senior Year

PROM; An Expose on one of the Biggest Events of Senior Year By: Andy Ramstad Published: May 18 2011 There isn’t any getting around it; Prom is a big freaking deal. Saying you don’t know about Prom is like saying you don’t know Osama’s dead; saying it makes you sound like an incredibly inexperienced person … Read more

Sand, Food, and Drugs

Sand, Food and Drugs By: Mitchell Yin Published: 4/17/2011 It’s my modest boast that, over a course of three weeks, I have gained 14lbs of excess fat. Don’t get me wrong, a weight increase like that is rather alarming indeed, but I gained this weight on various cruises you see. The thing with cruises is … Read more

Stocking up for Summer 2011

Stocking Up For Summer 2011 By: Olivia Fuller Published: 4/17/2011 We’re all excited for summer; school is out, the days are longer, and the sun finally peaks out from behind those ever-present rain clouds.  But the summer fashion trends of 2011 give us a whole new reason to look forward to the up-coming months.    No … Read more

Tiger Woods

One year after his return to golf, Tiger Woods still draws crowds like none other

One year after his return to golf, Tiger Woods still draws crowds like none other By: Geoffry Grembowski Published: 4/12/2011 One year ago, Tiger Woods returned to the golf course. The location was the Masters Tournament, one of golf’s four majors, at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. The most famous athlete in the … Read more

Is creativity ever more needed in the world today?

Is creativity ever more needed in the world today? By: Aravind Parasurama Published 4/10/2011 As technology becomes more and more advanced, we start relying on it more and more. Some may argue that we are beginning to rely on technology too much and one day we may end up in a world where everything looks … Read more

Anti Muslim Hearings are Blatantly Un-American

Anti Muslim Hearings are Blatantly Un-American By Areesa Somani 27 March 2011   March 10th, 2011: A day that shall live in infamy. An American tragedy occurred as the House of Representatives held an “anti- Muslim” hearing incited by the allegations of one US congressman, Peter King of Long Island, who claims that American Muslims … Read more